October Pop By

Orders starting from 09/15/20 will receive October Pop Bys or September Pop Bys can be substituted while supplies last.

“Let me Heal your Real Estate Woes…I’m here to Aid you through this Spooky Market!”

Want it to say something else? In the notes section of your order, tell us exactly what you want the tag to say or if you’d like it tailored to a different profession.  No extra charge for customizing the note!

Gift: 1 Reusable Metal First Aid Tin with Hinged Lid, 6 Premium Sterile Bandages, 6 individual use antiseptic alcohol wipes, small white towel.


September Pop By (Optional)

“It smells like Fall Yall…and if you are thinking of buying or selling, now is a great time to give me a call.”

Gift: 1 Cold- Pressed Soap Bar, 1 Soap Exfoliating Bag, 1 10 ml Amber Glass Room Spray filled Bottle


Each bar is hand-crafted in the USA by master artisans using the highest quality ingredients to ensure each bar is a premium product. These premium cold process bars are made using: Organic shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, corn oil, soybean oil, water and lye.  1″ thick bars of soap weighing roughly 4.8oz.

*10 different Soap Bar Scents available. One will be chosen randomly for each Pop By.  No specific requests can be made.

Room Spray:

Made from Orange Essential Oil, Clove Essence, and Cinnamon hand-crafted in the USA.

****Please note that unless specifically stated above, the Pop By that is live on THIS page when you place your order or start your subscription is the one that you will receive.  If you are placing an order close to the end of the month and wish to have the following month’s Pop By instead of the current one, you need to specify this in the notes section of your order or email/call us to let us know your request.  We have no problem with requests like this, but we need to know before we start processing your order.  We cannot accept returns on Pop Bys after they have been created and shipped.  Please see our return Policy.  Thank you!****

Every month we have a featured Pop-By that will be distributed for all orders.  At the moment, we do not support the selection of a certain Pop-By theme.  However, if you have a special request for an order please contact us.