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Pop By Gifts, a Clever Way to Increase Real Estate Leads!

November Pop By

The real estate market is one that is very dependent on hot new leads and pop by gifts are a great way in which you can enhance and acquire new leads for your business. Pop by gifts are practical everyday gifts, along with a gift tag that has a clever saying and the contact information of your real estate business printed on it.  These pop by gifts are a great excuse to catch up with your clients by popping by to deliver and say Hi.  If your clients aren’t home, you can hang the pop by on their front door. By presenting such gifts to your past customers, you remind them that you care about them, while also acquiring valuable face-to-face time that is essential for ensuring repeat business. You also help build your real estate business’ brand and increase the chances of accruing referrals by word of mouth, thereby increasing your customer base.

However, pop by gifts require creativity and skills for crafting and a lot of time to gather the materials and actually make and distribute the Pop Bys.  This can prove to be a daunting task if you have no prior knowledge in this department. Thereby, in order to help you out in this situation, The Pop By Co. is here to help you out in choosing the perfect pop by gifts to give to your customers and increase your real estate leads in the most creative and innovative manner.  You can have that handmade looks like you put a ton of effort into it look, with the easy of ordering online.  Get started with a subscription today.

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Holiday popby ideas & Holiday popby Gifts

Holiday popby ideas & Holiday popby Gifts
The other day I handed out 1000 of these in my farm. Well I didn’t hand them all out myself I had help. I started a new farm and this was the first delivery to get them to know me and can you believe it I already received lots off calls from owners that received my popby farming gift. This was a way better way to getting introduced to a new farm then just mailing out post cards or dropping off flyers. Don’t get me wrong in addition to the popby gifts I will be doing calls, post cards and flyers, but I love to mix it up and it gives me so much better results.
Popby gifts are a great way to staying in touch with your clients and then we do have lower priced popby gifts that are excellent for farming. If you are a Buffini follower you know all about the popbys Buffini is teaching about. We can help you following the Buffini popby plan and help you make it easy. Just stay in touch with your SOI by handing out these popby gifts. If you are anything like me, a busy Real Estate Agent, you probably do not have time to put everything together. I am also not very creative to coming up with any great popby idea, I leave this to the professionals that know what they are doing, and Tiffany at the PopByCo knows what she is doing. She always comes up with great tag lines and puts together the cutest and affordable gifts, that help me to staying in touch with my sphere and help me with farming neighborhoods. 
If you are looking for any Holiday Popbys check out the PopBy Co website. 




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Pop-By Gift of the month



Here at the PopBy Co we offer great pop-by gifts and we also offer a pop-by gift of the month. We do have several different options for your convenience but having said that you can just use is as inspiration as well. If you are crafty and like to do the work we will be happy to share ideas with you. 

Having said that I was never really crafty or had the time to invest into putting together popby gifts. I honestly never really had the ideas until I met Tiffany. She is the creative brain behind all the popbys. Check out the above video and see what kind of popby ideas she has put together for me so far. I can tell you they work, they are a great way to starting a conversation with clients. 

Over the next couple of weeks and months Tiffany will be posting instructional blogs on how to create the popbys so that you can create them yourself as well. Keep checking back and see what;s coming next and find out the next popby of the month. 

These are some very nice and classy popby ideas that look professional and make an impact with your sphere. If you are anything like me and you are a busy Real Estate Agent just go on  and let us help you make your life easier and make the referrals come pouring in. 


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Popby Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Are you in a coaching program that requires you to hand out popby gifts? Or are you simply interested in getting more referrals from your existing client data base? Popby Gifts are the way to go. Chances are you are a busy Real Estate Agent with not much time to waste, so why not leverage your time and invest in help from

Check out our most recent holiday Popbys. They were a great hit and agent have already gotten several referrals from these popbys delivered for 4th of July Holiday. 

Check out our Popby Gallery for ideas. Maybe it will give you a great idea to, do it yourself, or just leverage your time and let PopBy Co help you. There are ideas for several occasions and they always have a clever tag line, promoting your clients to contact you in the event you missed them. 


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Let me share the secret to my success with you

The secret to my success

The secret to my success as an Icon Agent with eXp Realty and Top producing Real Estate Agent in the Woodbridge VA area, is very simple and easy. I work as a single agent but I do have an excellent team on my side that helps me with everything. One of my secret weapons is Tiffany. Tiffany is very creative and has helped my increase my business through referrals quite a bit. Most of my business comes from referrals. Tiffany and her creative popby gifts are the key to my success with referrals from existing clients. 

I don’t like picking up the phone and calling my SEO randomly, I rather have my phone ring or clients sending me text messages, stating they want me to talk to so and so regarding their real estate needs. By dropping off popby gifts with clients or in a farm I keep my phone ringing. Most of the popby gifts are conversation starters and make sure my clients remember me. I want to be sure to stay on top of their mind when it comes to Real Estate. If there is any talk about Real Estate I want to make sure my SEO is thinking about me and passing on my information or better passing on their friends information to me so I can start a communication with them. Thanks to Tiffany’s creativity my phone has been buzzing and I have stayed very busy. 

When we initially started the popby gifts we had certain criteria. It should be cost efficient, classy, useful and a conversation starter. Like I mentioned before Tiffany has always come up with great ideas and she has now decided to share her creativity and ideas with other Real Estate Agents and Sales Professionals. Starting out as a new Real Estate Agent or you might be an established agent with high volume, one of the things most agents have in common, limited amount of time! Leverage your time by having clever popby gifts created for you and shipped to your doorstep, or delivered directly to your SEO (if you are local in Northern Virginia area).

There are so many different occasions to use popby gifts and remind your clients that you are their Real Estate Agent. We will be creating special popby gifts for you to hand out. You can use our service once a year of several times a year. Personally I am doing popby gifts quarterly and sometimes even more often. I normally switch it up, and hand out popby gifts to clients that are located close by. The next month I will select another area, to making it easier for myself. 

Popbys for Farming. Starting a new farm you want to make an impact, or you might already have a good hold on a certain farm. Using popbys will put you over the top and make you the leading agent in a farm. There are some great holidays where we provide some cost efficient high impact popby gifts for farming.  You want to stand out and be the agent the home owners in your farm are contacting when it comes to buying or selling.